Dear partners,

Thanks to your support and contribution, we were able to demonstrate the Swiss know-how overseas. The jury particularly praised the quality of the integration between architecture and engineering. Results speak for themselves: 100 points out of 100 in architecture, and a total of 295 out of 100 for energy, engineering, and water management.

The solar decathletes and their coaches put their hearts, sweat, intelligence and knowledge into the NeighborHub. You believed in our project. You provided not only financial means, but also made available your expertise, your experience, products and encouragement with kindness and professionalism. Your participation was essential.

Thank you very much indeed. We are happy to bring you home 8 medals in total, including 6 gold, and the overall trophy with a strong lead of 50 points.

With our warmest thanks,
Anne-Claude Cosandey
smart living lab Coordinator
EPFL Fribourg Operational Director


We are currently looking for partners in the following areas: energy, engineering, construction, materials, urban planning, mobility, environmental assessment, water management, biodiversity, food and information technology.


To ensure and share the success of this visionary project, we are looking for partners to support us financially or on different ways:

SHARE WITH US THEIR EXPERTISE: Product’s presentation, development of the project, interventions during the construction.

PARTICIPATE AT THE LOGISTIC: Food, transportation, software, accommodation.

SUPPLIES OF CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS:  Insulation, wood, glazing, watertightness, solar protection, pipework, cables.

TOOLS SECONDMENT: Sander, screw-gun, laser, cutting-table.


Anne-Claude Cosandey

Partnership development manager

+41 21 693 51 82

Baptiste Gex

Partnership development manager